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Hey there, I'm Tanya :)
I've always loved writing, even when I was little. Fast forward to now, being a full time Senior Graphic Designer, my love for typography and hand lettering is stronger than ever. So in my "free time" (in between my full time job, wearing the momma hat for two kiddos, wearing the wifey hat for my amazing hubby and keeping the household going) I revel in the much needed therapy of creating Hand done Lettering and Modern Calligraphy. It just puts a smile on my face a nice warm fuzzies in my heart ;-)

I have always loved doing "Faux Calligraphy" but I fell in love with true calligraphy--specifically brush script using brush pens, somewhere around May of 2017.

All of my work is exclusively done freehand. My brush lettering worksheets consist of my signature lettering and are also created from scratch.

If you're interested in learning
Brush lettering, check out my brush lettering worksheets:
Beginners Set: Ultimate Bundle : http://etsy.me/2Cc6zHV
Uppercase Alphabet: https://etsy.me/2KpqcEt

You can then follow along for free with my Youtube tutorial:
Part 1: Beginner Brush strokes: https://youtu.be/EcLDHWrxk_g
Part 2: lowercase: https://youtu.be/DunKJksrAW8
Uppercase: https://youtu.be/Sr7o7kECWEM

Custom and personalized designs are available, just message me for details and pricing!

It's such an amazing feeling to do what I love and be able to share it with others who appreciate it as much as I do!


Happy Lettering!

xo, Tanya

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